Sneaking into Turkish resort with an out-of-date wristband: Is it unlawful??

Hotels and Resorts use wristbands for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons is to mark guests who are all inclusive for either a few days or an extended period of time. Or maybe the wristbands get you into a nearby attraction like a waterpark. Wristbands enable hotel staff to monitor guests. Wristbands can also be used for hotel and resort amentities such as pools, fitness centers, and more. If a hotel wants to limit the number of people accessing a specific attraction, than wristbands for amenities are a must! Recently, a British mother filmed herself sneaking her family into a luxury Turkish resort using an out-of-date wristband before feasting on all-inclusive food and using hotel facilities for free. The mother-of-two filmed her luxurious experience and posted the clip to TikTok. On may ask whether sneaking into a Hotel by using used old wristbands is a criminal and/or civil offence in Turkey?

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Scamming with old bracelet by tourist in Turkey

A hotel wristband in Turkey typically refers to a wearable identification band or bracelet provided to guests by certain hotels and resorts during their stay. A wristband is a strip of material that people wear on their wrists. There are many different kinds of materials wristbands are made out of, but the most popular ones are Tyvek, Plastic, Vinyl, Silicone, and Cloth.

In the modern era of technological advancements, wristbands have become a ubiquitous method of granting access to events and services. However, with convenience comes the risk of misuse and suspected scamming. This article delves into the legal complexities surrounding the issue of being a suspect of scamming with out-of-date wristbands. Understanding the legal landscape is essential to protect the rights of both the accused and potential victims while upholding the principles of justice.

Serve various purposes

Wristbands serve various purposes and offer convenience and security to both guests and the hotel staff. Here are some common features and uses of hotel wristbands:

  • Identification: The wristband usually contains a unique code or RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) chip linked to the guest’s reservation. This helps the hotel staff identify guests and the services they are entitled to without the need for traditional room keys or cards.
  • Access control: Some hotels use wristbands to grant guests access to different areas or amenities within the property, such as the guest’s room, swimming pool, fitness center, spa, and exclusive areas. The wristbands are programmed to open specific doors or access points. Wristbands are used to identify people in a place according to the different offers and accesses. Indeed, in hotels, it is very common to have several meals offers: all inclusive, full board, half board -board, breakfast…  A coloured bracelet makes it possible to check at a glance that people entering the hotel restaurant have the right offer.
  • Cashless transactions: Some hotel wristbands are integrated with payment systems, allowing guests to make purchases at on-site restaurants, bars, shops, or other facilities without carrying cash or credit cards. Guests can charge expenses directly to their room account using the wristband.
  • All-inclusive packages: In certain all-inclusive resorts, guests are given wristbands as part of their package. These wristbands often indicate that the guests have access to unlimited food, drinks, and select activities during their stay. All-inclusive destination resorts are popular for families and couples seeking a “one stop-shop” approach to vacationing. 
  • Children’s safety: In family-friendly resorts or hotels with kids’ clubs or childcare services, children may be given wristbands that include their parent’s contact information. This ensures a quick reunion in case a child becomes separated from their parents.
  • Tracking and analytics: For larger resorts or during events, wristbands with tracking capabilities can help the hotel management monitor guest movement, gather data on popular amenities, and improve overall service.

It’s worth noting that specific features and uses of hotel wristbands may vary from one establishment to another.

Report of the Daily Mail

The Daily Mail writes that a British tourist broke into a luxury hotel in Turkey using an old bracelet and lived there using all the services for four days. She has filmed herself sneaking into a luxury holiday resort with her family using old all-inclusive wristbands – helping herself to luxury food, drink and enjoying the hotel’s facilities for free.

The incident took place at the Ramada Hotel & Suites in the Turkish resort of Kusadasi. British tourist Roxana Balciunas, 39, and her two children entered the property by using used all-inclusive bracelets left over from her previous stay at the hotel. It is noted that at that moment the mother of a British tourist lived in the hotel, whom she allegedly wanted to surprise. Upon arrival, a tourist with children spent the night in a cheap apartment, and then entered the hotel. She said that at first she just joked with the children, and said that “we will go eat someone else’s food.” At the entrance, no one checked the bracelets. The kids loved this holiday.

Taking her two children aged 13 and six along for the ride, the mother slept in a cheap apartment ten minutes away from the Ramada – and used the out-of-date wristbands to sneak into the resort.

Shameless TikTok footage shared on July 12 shows the family of three dining on ice cream, booze and luxury meals for free while lounging by the hotel pool. Alongside her video, she bragged she was ‘stealing the Ramada all inclusive’ before saying ‘call me a thief all you like but I enjoyed my week of free food and drink’. ‘They didn’t check my wristbands when I first walked in. Because I had it on, nobody checked because they could see I was wearing one. ‘My son thought it was quite funny. Every time we were eating something, he was like, “free chips, free food”. ‘It made it more exciting because it was free. I think I ate more this time than I did last time when we paid.’ Ms Balciunas also claimed the family ‘got lucky’ as the hotel were using the same colour wristbands that week as they had during her previous stay. Although she says she thoroughly enjoyed her time in the resort, the mother acknowledged she wouldn’t get away with it again after sharing footage on TikTok. Her video racked up more than 900 likes, shares and comments, and viewers were quick to share their differing opinions in the comments.

Trespassing & Stealing???

Scamming with out-of-date wristbands involves the use of expired or invalid wristbands to gain unauthorized access to events, venues, or services. The act can be deliberate, involving counterfeit wristbands, or unintentional, where individuals unknowingly possess outdated passes. Regardless of intent, the consequences of such actions can be serious, leading to legal allegations and disputes.

Using an out-of-date or unauthorized wristband to gain access to a resort or any other property without proper authorization is considered trespassing and can be considered a form of stealing.

While the specific legal definitions may vary by jurisdiction, trespassing in Turkey involves entering someone else’s property without permission. In this case, using an outdated wristband to gain access to resort facilities would likely be considered unauthorized entry onto private property.

Stealing typically involves taking someone else’s property without their permission and with the intent to permanently deprive them of it. While using an out-of-date wristband might not fit the traditional definition of stealing, it can be seen as dishonestly obtaining services or benefits without paying for them, which is a form of theft by deception (karşılıksız yararlanma).

Engaging in such activities can lead to serious consequences, including legal action, being escorted off the property, and possibly being banned from the resort or hotel in the future. It is always best to act ethically and respect the rules and policies set by property owners and management. If you want to enjoy the amenities and services of a resort, it is important to do so through legitimate means, such as paying for the appropriate accommodations or passes.

Resorts and hotels use wristbands as a security measure and to ensure that only paying guests or authorized individuals can access their facilities and services. Trying to bypass this system by using an expired wristband or one that does not belong to you is both unethical and illegal.

If one wish to enjoy the amenities and services of a resort or hotel, it is essential to follow their rules and policies and pay for the appropriate accommodations or passes. Trespassing or attempting to deceive the establishment can lead to serious consequences, including legal actions such as criminal and civil lawsuits and being banned from the property in the future.

One should always act responsibly and with integrity when visiting any property, and respect the rights and rules set by the owners and management.

Right to receive legal advice and representation

Suspects who are accused of sneaking into a resort using an out-of-date wristband, or any other alleged offense, have the right to receive legal advice and representation. This right is a fundamental aspect of most legal systems and is often enshrined in national constitutions or legal codes.

The right to legal advice and representation ensures that the accused can fully understand their rights and the legal implications of the charges they are facing. It also allows them to have a fair and meaningful opportunity to defend themselves in court.

Legal advice is crucial as it helps the accused understand the charges against them, the potential consequences if found guilty, and the available legal options. With the guidance of legal counsel, the accused can make informed decisions about how to proceed with their defense.

Legal representation is equally important as it allows the accused to have a trained and experienced professional advocate on their behalf in court. Defense attorneys can challenge evidence, cross-examine witnesses, present evidence in favor of the accused, and ensure that the accused’s rights are protected throughout the legal process.

It is vital to remember that everyone has the right to a fair trial, regardless of the nature of the accusations against them. The presumption of innocence remains until proven guilty, and legal representation is an essential safeguard to protect this principle.

Legal professionals play a critical role in upholding justice, ensuring due process, and protecting the rights of individuals involved in legal proceedings. Offering legal advice and representation to those accused of crimes is essential to maintaining a fair and just legal system.

Remember, when you need a strong and committed legal team on your side, Bicak is here to help. Together, we will work toward justice and protecting your rights.

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