Just & Fair Legal Consultancy Firm accepts applications from lawyers and consultants for legal vacancies as well as from administrative staff and trainee to be employed for in-office services.


Our firm is hiring lawyers and consultants to work in the field of law, as well as hiring administrative staff and trainees to work in office services.

 If you are interested in working with us, please send your resume (CV) and cover letter to

Some of the paramount criteria we require from the applicants are based on four categories: the general ability and capacity of the applicant as well as his and her, behavior, communication skills and originality. The general ability and capacity criteria includes: punctuality, attention, capability of using technological devices, using time effectively and reporting correctly, productivity and accuracy in given tasks, eagerness to improve oneself, working and contributing in accordance with the purpose of firm and comprehending and applying the instructions accurately. The behavior criterion includes: eagerness, wish to help, flexibility, sense of responsibility, participation, time management and being open to criticism. The communication skills criterion includes the ability to expresses oneself clearly, sharply, consistently and accurately both in written and in oral communication. The originality criterion is based on: taking initiative, entrepreneurialism and producing new ideas and notions.

We want to work with the best. We prefer colleagues who are self-confident and intellectual. In addition to the communication skills, the applicants are also expected to be able to solve problems practically and to be original, have a team spirit and a sense of humor.

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