Bıçak Law Firm accepts applications from lawyers and consultants for legal vacancies as well as from administrative staff and trainee to be employed for in office services. We want to work with the best. We prefer colleagues who are self-confident and intellectual. In addition to the communication skills, the applicants are also expected to be able to solve problems practically and to be original, have a team spirit and a sense of humor.

Our firm is hiring lawyers and consultants to work in the field of law, as well as hiring administrative staff and trainees to work in office services.


Our firm is designed to  be a reflection of our society, including promoting individuals to leadership positions regardless of race, religion or orientation. Maintaining and expanding the diversity of our team is a central tenet of our firm. We actively recruit diverse team members. We ensure all team members receive challenging work assignments and that all lawyers receive client exposure opportunities consistent with their demonstrated skill and ability.

We are committed to recruiting, retaining and advancing our female team members. Our firm focuses on enhancing the professional and personal development of our women team members and fosters their success in the workplace, community and in their lives. Through various programs, we exchange ideas, foster and expand business contacts and opportunities and enhance development to fully realize the talent, knowledge and potential of our women team members.

If you are interested in working with us, please send your resume (CV) and cover letter to


Some of the paramount criteria we require from the applicants are based on four categories: the general ability and capacity of the applicant as well as his and her, behavior, communication skills and originality. The general ability and capacity criteria includes: punctuality, attention, capability of using technological devices, using time effectively and reporting correctly, productivity and accuracy in given tasks, eagerness to improve oneself, working and contributing in accordance with the purpose of firm and comprehending and applying the instructions accurately.

The behavior criterion includes: eagerness, wish to help, flexibility, sense of responsibility, participation, time management and being open to criticism. The communication skills criterion includes the ability to expresses oneself clearly, sharply, consistently and accurately both in written and in oral communication. The originality criterion is based on: taking initiative, entrepreneurialism and producing new ideas and notions.

We want to work with the best. We prefer colleagues who are self-confident and intellectual. In addition to the communication skills, the applicants are also expected to be able to solve problems practically and to be original, have a team spirit and a sense of humor.

Remote working

Remote working is on the rise and that includes within law firms.  We are part of this movement: Instead of managing our time, we try to manage our work to fit our energy and focus levels. Although we continue to work in a modern office environment, we make no secret of the fact that we’re fans of remote working. We see it as fundamental to the future of work, alongside more traditional offices and collaboration spaces. Why? Because remote working offers unique benefits.

It provides competitive advantage through reducing overheads, accessing talent that office-only approaches can’t reach, increasing agility and providing a humane way to deliver services ’24/7′. It diminishes reliance on offices and commutes, lowering energy consumption and carbon emissions. It democratises access to quality work and energizes rural, remote and suburban regions. It provides individuals with greater control over their day, supporting communities and family life as well as increasing personal wellbeing.

What we can offer newcomers;

  • Career growth: An opportunity to challenge you and truly help you grow your career, by gaining experience working in a position fundamental to a business’s strategic success.
  • A share of the business: Unique opportunity to gain a stake in a growing business. If you are keen to make your mark and shape the direction of a growing business, look no further.
  • Flexible working hours: Time is precious – make it count. Whether you are a morning person or a night owl, this place is for you.
  • Unlimited holiday: Take time to relax and reboot when you need it.
  • Working remotely: You know how you perform best. Work from home, the office, your favorite coffee shop, or overseas, whenever you feel like it.
  • Work-life balance: Take time out for your family, friends, and personal interests.

Our focused, remote working selection process ensures that our lawyers not only have excellent legal skills but possess the motivation and characteristics needed to work on a remote, freelance basis.

Online Application: The lawyer applies to us by sending a completed application form and CV.


Assessment: One of our lawyers completes an online assessment to determine the applicant’s written and verbal competency and another to identify an alignment between working freelance, remotely and their work motives and preferences.

Video Interview: We interview the applicant via video-conference. This explores the applicant’s skills, motivations and talents for working in remote and the assessment results.

Referencing: If, after the interview, we both decide we would like to work together, we take two telephone references.

Onboarding: If references are successful, the lawyer joins our remote working team. We have some onboarding paperwork to do at this stage.

Pooling: Once this is done, the lawyer is now a member of our remote working team and is ready to be considered for assignments.


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