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Find the latest changes in the legal landscape that potentially affect your business. From changes in legislation and case law to regulatory reforms, at Bıçak we’re able to support you on all legal developments in Turkey.

notary services Turkey


The notary is engaged in a public service activity while being members of a profession. He is appointed by the Minister of Justice. He ensures the notarization of documents. The purpose of notarization of documents is to guarantee the legal certainty of contracts and to ensure their full effectiveness. Therefore, ... More Information
19 January 2023Admin
interpol Turkey Türkiye


The International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) was set up in 1923 mainly to ensure criminals could not with impunity flee the country where their crime was committed. The organisation enables law enforcement agencies from its 194 member states to share data on crimes and criminals and issue arrest warrants. Being the largest ... More Information
13 January 2023Admin
Smart Legal Contracts


A new technology called “smart legal contracts” has emerged. What makes these legal agreements innovative is that their execution is made automatic through the use of computers. Any time a smart contract is drawn up, it’s stored as a block of data on the blockchain. Once the conditions of the ... More Information
1 January 2023Admin
Electronic Contracts in Turkey


More and more business and trade are now done electronically, often with the parties never physically meeting each other. This raises a number of legal questions, specifically with regard to electronic contracts.  Some of the most important issues include whether an electronic contract is valid, that is, whether it must comply ... More Information
31 December 2022Admin
Russia's Mir payment cards in Turkey


Both public banks and private banks in Turkey suspended their use of the Mir system after Washington expanded its sanctions on Russia, including targeting the entity that runs the payment system.
2 October 2022Bıçak Hukuk


Hükmün açıklanmasının geri bırakılması, sanığa verilen ceza, 2 yıl veya daha az süreli hapis veya adli para cezası ise, gerekli olan koşulların varlığı halinde verilecek hükmün açıklanmasının 5 yıl süreyle geriye bırakılmasıdır.
28 September 2022Bıçak Hukuk
Youth Violence


We have been successfully defending young people (i.e. those under the age of 18) for over 30 years. Our specialist youth crime lawyers deal with every type offence (violence, drugs, firearms, sexual allegations, murder, gang-related crime, etc) and represent young people who have become embroiled with the criminal justice system through ... More Information
12 July 2022Bıçak Hukuk
santaj suçu ve cezası


Özel görüntülerin paylaşılmasını engellemek ilk ve öncelikli amacınız olduğu için en hızlı şekilde şantaj konusunda tecrübeli bir avukata danışmanız en isabetli çözüm olacaktır. Şantaj suçunda tercih etmeniz gereken avukat ise, sizi ve yakınlarınızı tanımayan, bu tip bilişim suçlarında uzmanlaşmış olan gizlilik ve sır tutma yükümlüğüne uyacağından şüphe duymayacağınız bir avukat ... More Information
3 July 2022Bıçak Hukuk
stalking in Turkey


Stalking is a pattern of repeated and unwanted attention, harassment, contact, or any other course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to feel fear. The crime of stalking, definition and penaly for such a behaviour has been recently introduced in Turkey.
17 June 2022Bıçak Hukuk
asset freeze


An asset freezing can paralyze both your business and personal operations. As much as the order might limit your right of usage and access to your assets, you still have legal rights, which you can exercise. The responsibility to freeze an asset subject to targeted financial sanctions rests with the ... More Information
1 May 2022Bıçak Hukuk