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Find the latest changes in the legal landscape that potentially affect your business. From changes in legislation and case law to regulatory reforms, at Bıçak we’re able to support you on all legal developments in Turkey.

asset freeze


An asset freezing can paralyze both your business and personal operations. As much as the order might limit your right of usage and access to your assets, you still have legal rights, which you can exercise. The responsibility to freeze an asset subject to targeted financial sanctions rests with the ... More Information
1 May 2022Bıçak Hukuk
Anti-Corruption & Bribery Lawyer attorney in Turkey


In recent years, regulators across the globe stepped up their pursuit of allegations of bribery and corrupt practices. Spurred on by changes in political leadership and increased scrutiny of bribery and corruption during the pandemic, we expect to see a sustained increase in anti-corruption and bribery investigations in the fortcoming ... More Information
26 February 2022Admin
Acquiring Ownership of Real Estate in Turkey


Turkey is offering endless opportunities for businessmen, professionals, students, and retired individuals to come and invest in its real estate with the promise of giving second citizenship or renewable short-term residence permits. If you’re interested in buying real estate in Turkey, we’ve created this ultimate guide that takes you through ... More Information
23 February 2022Bıçak Hukuk
Residence Permit Turkey Lawyer


A Residence Permit is a biometric identity card that enables you to remain in Turkey after your visa has expired. This is the residence permit most everyone applies for when they move to Turkey. The Residence Permit does not allow you to work. If you want to work in Turkey, you ... More Information
20 February 2022Admin
Administrative Offences Turkey


Our firm has a particularly strong reputation and tradition in the areas of corporate criminal law and administrative offences, with special practice in economic and financial crime. First of all, our team provides preventive advice to companies and their managers and directors, with the purpose of adapting internal practices, developing ... More Information
17 February 2022Admin
Uzaktan Kimlik Tespiti


Sermaye Piyasası Kurulu ("SPK") tarafından hazırlanmış olan “Aracı Kurumlar ve Portföy Yönetim Şirketleri Tarafından Kullanılacak Uzaktan Kimlik Tespiti Yöntemlerine ve Elektronik Ortamda Sözleşme İlişkisinin Kurulmasına İlişkin Tebliğ” ("Tebliğ") 08.02.2022 tarihinde 31744 sayılı Resmî Gazete’de yayımlanmıştır. Tebliğ, yayım tarihinden bir ay sonra, 08.03.2022 tarihinde yürürlüğe girecektir. Tebliğ’de yer alan düzenlemeler, 1 Nisan 2021 ... More Information
11 February 2022Admin
Residency Checks and Verification in Turkey


The question of who resides where is of paramount importance to national, regional and local businesses. This is how they can best design policy, plan business partnerships, allocate resources or plan ahead for the future needs of the business development. We assist clients to reduce chargebacks and enable risk-free business ... More Information
2 February 2022Admin
Arbitration in Turkey


Arbitration in Turkey are governed by the Turkish International Arbitration Act and the Eleventh book of the Turkish Code of Civil Procedure. Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution mechanism based on the parties’ agreement to submit their dispute to a neutral third party, the arbitral tribunal, which renders a final and ... More Information
1 February 2022Admin
Gambling law Turkey


Gambling is defined as a game undertaken with the aim of earning money, where the profit and loss depends upon chance (TPC art. 228). Gambling may might be categorised as land-based and online gambling. Consumer protection, in particular the prevention of gambling addiction and protection of minors and other vulnerable persons, the ... More Information
1 February 2022Admin
insult law Turkey



Insult Laws of Turkey

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The Constitution of Turkey contains a catalogue of rights and duties of the individual (Articles 17-40). This catalogue includes, inter alia, the freedom of communication (Article 22), freedom of religion and conscience (Article 24), freedom of thought and opinion (Article 25), freedom of expression and dissemination of thought (Article 26), ... More Information
25 January 2022Admin