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Turkey Future Renewable Energy Legal Essentials Success Solar Incentives wind green thermal law firm attorney lawyer Biomass Project market


In Turkey, a compelling transformation is underway as the nation embraces renewable energy as a cornerstone of its energy future. As the world grapples with the imperatives of combating climate change and transitioning to greener energy alternatives, Turkey has emerged as a dynamic player in the global renewable energy arena. ... More Information
9 September 2023Admin
Financial technology fintech businesses legal framework regulation Turkey law firm lawyer attorney Compliance Licensing Registration Startups


This article address the legal framework of FinTech in Turkey. Fintech" is a portmanteau of two words: "financial" and "technology." It refers to the use of technology to provide innovative financial services and solutions. Fintech companies leverage cutting-edge technology, data analysis, and digital platforms to improve and automate various aspects ... More Information
8 September 2023Admin
Understanding shareholder roles rights benefits responsibilies obligations duties in Turkish corporate law firm Turkey lawyer attorney legal


In Turkish stock corporations, the term "shareholder" refers to individuals or entities that hold shares or ownership stakes in the company. Shareholders are also commonly referred to as "stockholders" or "equity owners." Shareholder rights and benefits Shareholders are an integral part of a corporation as they have a vested interest in the ... More Information
7 September 2023Admin
peaceful dignified compassionate good death in Turkey end of life contract to care until Turkish law lifelong support agreement attorney


The "Contract to Care until Death" is a specialized legal arrangement in Turkish law designed to ensure the well-being and support of individuals, often elderly or infirm, until the end of their lives. This unique contract serves as a vital tool for providing comprehensive care, including housing, medical attention, personal ... More Information
4 September 2023Admin
Medical device industry Turkey product compliance company legal counsel assist business rules regulations attorney law firm guidance lawyer


Rapid development of new technologies in the medical devices sector has brought exciting and innovative products to market to the benefit of patients around the world and Turkey, but the shifting regulatory landscape has meant that the sector is facing increased challenges. Whether a business is just starting out or ... More Information
31 August 2023Admin
Due Diligence checklist Turkey Turkish business investigation inteligence ongoing monitoring business relations report Turkey law firm lawyer


Legal due diligence related to Turkish companies can be defined as an exhaustive exam and assessment of legal, financial, operational, and compliance aspects of a target company or asset. This process is conducted before entering into any major business transaction to identify potential legal risks, liabilities, and obligations. The objective ... More Information
27 August 2023Admin
Visa overstay overstaying Turkey unlawful presence being undocumented immigration expert expiration law firm lawyer attorney solicitor travel


Overstaying and unlawful presence are terms often used in the context of immigration and legal status in a foreign country. They refer to situations where an individual remains in a country beyond the authorized period allowed by their visa or legal entry status. Let's delve into their meanings and definitions: Overstaying Overstaying occurs ... More Information
26 August 2023Admin
legal advice assistance Turkey Turkish Istanbul Financial Centre Center lawyer law firm regulation attorney advocate solicitor financial team


In 2022, Turkish Parliament has accepted a law which introduces the establishment of the Istanbul Finance Centre (IFC) in İstannbul, Turkey. Participants of the IFC will have certain tax advantages, including the ability to keep their legal books in foreign currency and the eligibility to freely choose a law of ... More Information
19 August 2023Admin
International Business Franchising Franchisor Franchisee Turkey law firm lawyer attorney Domestic Partnership contract Entrepreneurship Legal


In the dynamic landscape of modern commerce in Turkey, the concept of franchising has emerged as a powerful strategy for business expansion, allowing aspiring entrepreneurs to step into the realm of self-employment while leveraging established brand identities and proven operational systems. This strategic alliance between the franchisor and the franchisee ... More Information
19 August 2023Admin
Threat to reveal personal and intimate information, accompanied by demands for payment Turkish Law Addressing Blackmailing Turkey attorney


In a world where relationships, power dynamics, and technology intersect, the phenomenon of blackmailing stands as a dark and intricate labyrinth of manipulation, coercion, and vulnerability. From the age-old practice of exploiting sensitive secrets to the contemporary world of cyberbullying and online shaming, blackmailing has evolved and taken on new ... More Information
13 August 2023Admin