Domestic Criminal Law

Facing criminal charges can feel overwhelming and frightening. You may wonder about the consequences you face and how they might impact your future. Who can you trust?

Have you been charged with a crime? Does a law enforcement officer, investigator or public prosecutor want to speak with you about a potential criminal matter? Before you speak to the police, the gendermeria or the public prosecutor, it is critical that you meet with a skilled, experienced criminal defense attorney – the quality of your legal defense is crucial to your future.

Accusations of criminal conduct can upend your life, affecting everything from your finances to freedoms. If you are facing criminal charges, or you are under investigation, your legal situation is totally different than any other legal problem because it carries a potential jail sentence and/or criminal record which could be a part of your life forever.

When charged with an offence, an individual needs to know his or her rights, to know whether any rights were breached, how to resolve the situation in the best way and, if charged, how to a successful defence to that charge. 

During your first meeting with one of our attorneys, we will:

  • Explain the charges you are facing,
  • Provide an honest assessment of what you can expect during the legal process
  • Explain your legal options

Remember that you can write to your defence attorney uncensored or call him or her at any time, if you have been taken into custody or have been arrested.

When acting as your defence attorney, we will safeguard that everything to your credit will be put forward during the proceedings, and we are with you all the way;

  • We will help you determine how to respond to a charge or an indictment.
  • We will participate at the police questioning.
  • We will be given access to the police case material.
  • We can ask for investigative actions to be undertaken that can be used for solving the case.
  • We safeguard your civil rights in connection with the case.
  • We advise you on whether you should appeal against a decision.
  • Furthermore, we can help you put forward a claim against the state for as an example wrongful arrest, if you are acquitted in court, or if the prosecutor withdraw the charges. If on the contrary, you are sentenced to imprisonment, we can among other things help you have the place of imprisonment changed or apply for release.

We handle all types of criminal charges and offenses. We defend individuals and corporate entities in high stakes criminal trial and government investigations. Since we are trial attorneys, trial mentality informs our strategy even at the investigative stages. With this in mind, we focus on representing clients in criminal matters and major state criminal actions. We understand that the accusations levied against our clients can seem vague and complicated, but they should not be overly intimidating. Our criminal defense attorneys’ will help clients understand the government’s position while identifying methods to strengthen clients’ defense against aggressive prosecutors.

In the end, our strategy is simple: putting the client first will gain superior results. No attorney can ever promise a certain result, but our work ethic and expertise can certainly maximize our client’s chances of receiving a favorable outcome.

We encourage you to make an appointment for an initial consultation. You can either call one of our lawyers directly or e-mail us your contact details with a brief description of the nature of your enquiry. We will contact you shortly after receipt of your enquiry.

We defend the full spectrum of felonies and misdemeanors, including;

International Offences; Genocide, Offences against Humanity, Migrant Smuggling, Human Trafficking.

Offences Against the Person; Intentional Killing, Intentional Killing by Act of Ommission, Directing Suicide, Reckless Killing, Intentional Injury, Aggravated Injury on Account of its Consequences, Intentional Injury by Omission, Reckless Injury, Experimentation on Human Beings, Trading of Organs and Tissues, Torture, Aggravated Torture on Account of its Consequences, Torment, Abandonment, Failure in the Duty of Assistance or Notification, Illegal abortion, Miscarriage, Sterilization, Sexual Assault, Sexual abuse of children, Sexual Intercourse with those who have not achieved adulthood, Sexual Harassment, Blackmail, Force, Deprivation of Liberty, Prevention of Education and Training, Prevention of the Exercise of Political Rights, Prevention of the Exercise of Freedom of Belief, Thought and Conviction, Violation of the Immunity of Residence, Violation of the Freedom to Work and Labour, Preventing the Exercise of Trade Unions Rights, Unlawful Search, Preventing the Exercise of the Right to Petition, Discrimination, Disturbing an Individuals’ Peace and Harmony, Prevention of Communication, Insult, Violation of Confidentiality of Communication, Eavesdropping and Recording of Conversations between Persons, Violation of Privacy, Recording of Personal Data, Illegally Obtaining or Giving Data, Destruction of Data, Theft, Robbery, Damage to Property, Damaging Places of Worship and Cemeteries, Trespass, Abuse of Trust, Using a Bond Without Value, Theft by Deception, Enjoyment of Lost Property, Bankruptcy by Deception, Reckless Bankruptcy, Benefiting Without Payment, False Information about Companies or Co-operatives, Purchasing or Accepting Property Acquired through the Commission of an Offence.

Offences Against the Public; Intentionally Endangering Public Safety, Endangering Public Safety through Recklessness, Disseminating Radiation, Causing an Atomic Explosion, Possession or Exchange of Hazardous Substances Without Permission, Breach of Duty to Take Care or Look After a Person Suffering Mental Disorder, Disobedience of the Rules Relating to Construction or Demolition, Releasing Animals, Causing Risk, Failing to Place Signs or Barricades, Endangering Traffic Safety, Endangering Traffic Safety by Recklessness, Intentional Pollution of the Environment, Pollution of the Environment due to Recklessness, Causing Noise, Pollution Caused by Construction, Adding Toxic Substances, Trading of Medicine or Food which has Decomposed or Altered, Production or Sale of Medicine such as to Risk the Life and Health of Others, Production and Trade of Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances, Facilitating the Use of Narcotics or Psychotropic Substances, Purchase, Receipt or Possession of Narcotics or Psychotropic Substances for Personal Use, Production and Trading of Poisonous Substances, Supply of Substances Dangerous to Health, Acting Contrary to Measures to Contain Contagious Disease, Improper Burial, Counterfeiting Money, Counterfeiting Valuable Stamps, Counterfeiting a Seal, Counterfeiting Official Documents, Damage, Destruction or Concealment of an Official Document, Providing False Information in the Course of Issuing an Official Document, Counterfeiting Private Documents, Damage, Destruction or Concealment of a Private Document, Misuse of an Open Signature, Threat with the Intention of Causing Fear and Panic Among the Public, Provocation to Commit an Offence, Praising an Offence and Offender, Provoking the Public to Hatred, Hostility  or Degrading, Provocation to Disobey the Law, Abusing Religious Services in the Course of Duty, Establishing Organisations for the Purpose of Committing Crimes, Hijacking or Seizure of Transport Vehicles, Occupation of a Stationary Platform on Territorial Land or Industrial Zone, Indecent Acts, Obscenity, Prostitution, Providing an Environment, or the Means, for Gambling, Begging, Polygamy, Marriage by Deception and Religious Ceremonies, Altering the Lineage of a Child, Maltreatment, Breach of Obligations Derived from Family Law, Kidnapping and Detention of a Child, Fraud During a Tender, Fraud during the discharge of Contractual Obligations, Manipulation of the Price, Causing Shortage of Items Required by the Public, Disclosure of Confidential Documents or Information Relating to Commerce, Banking or Private Customers, Restriction of Supply of Goods and Services, Unlawful Money Lending, Accessing a Data Processing System, Preventing the Functioning of a System and Deletion, Alteration or Corrupting of Data, Misuse of Bank or Credit Cards.

Offences against Nation and State; Embezzlement, Extortion, Failure to Supervise, Bribery, Securing a Benefit for a Task outside the Scope of Authority, Excessive Use of Force, Misuse of Public Duty, Disclosure of Confidential Information in Respect of a Duty, Trading by a Public Officer, Abandonment or Non-performance of a Public Duty, Improper Disposal of Another’s Property, Improperly Undertaking Public Duty, Illegal Education Institution, Improper Use of Special Symbols and Uniforms, Prevention of Public Duty, Use of Public Vehicles or Materials in Public Service During the Commission of an Offence, Calumny, Using Another’s Identity Card or Information, Fabricating an Offence, Perjury, False Statements on Oath, False Statements by Expert Witness or Translator, Influencing Persons Charged with a Judicial Duty, Failure to Report an Offence, Failure by a Public Officer to Report an Offence, Failure by a Member of the Medical Profession to Report an Offence, Destruction, Concealing or Altering Evidence, Laundering of Assets Acquired from an Offence, Protecting an Offender, Failure to Inform Regarding an Arrested or Convicted Person or Evidence of an Offence, Breach of Confidentiality, Recording of Sound or Image, Genital Examination, Attempt to Influence a Fair trial, Misuse of Duty to Protect, Damage or Seizure of Officially Conferred Property, Entering a Prison or Detention Centre Impersonating Another, Escape of a Serving Prisoner or Person Under Arrest, Misuse of Duty by a Guard, Rebellion of Person under Arrest or Prisoner, Conveying Prohibited Items to a Prison or Place of Arrest, Preventing the Use of Rights and Feeding, Insulting the President of the Republic, Degrading the Symbols of State sovereignty, Degrading being a Turk, the Republic, the Organs and Institutions of the State, Disrupting the Unity and Integrity of the State, Alliance with the Enemy, Incitement to War against the State, Performing Activities Against the Fundamental National Interests for Benefit, Recruitment of Soldiers Against a Foreign State, Destruction of Military Facilities and Conspiracy which Benefits Enemy Military Movements, Material and Financial Aid to Enemy States, Violation of the Constitution, Assassination and Physical Attack of the President, Offence Against a Legislative Body, Offences against the Government, Armed Revolt Against the Government of Turkish Republic, Establishinh Armed Organisation, Supplying Arms, Agreement to Commit an Offence, Usurping Military Command, Discouraging People From Performing Military Service, Encouraging Soldiers to Disobey, Enlistment of Soldiers in Foreign Service, Disobeying Orders in a Time of War, Dissemination of False Information in Wartime, Failure in the Performance of a Duty During Mobilization, Acceptance of Title and Similar Awards from the Enemy, Desrtoying Documents Relating to State Security, Securing Information relating to State Security, Political or Military Espionage, Disclosure of Information Relating to the Security and Political Interests of the State, Disclosure of Information Which Must be Kept Confidential, International Espionage, Entering Military Zones, Exploitation of State Secrets and Disloyalty in Government Services, Securing Prohibited Information, Securing Prohibited information for Espionage, Disclosure of Prohibited Information, Disclosure of Prohibited Information for Political or Military Espionage, Espionage through Recklessness, Possession of Documents Concerning State Security, Offences Against the Head of a Foreign State, Offences Against the Flag of a Foreign State, Offences Against the Representative of a Foreign State.

On September 26th, 2004, the Turkish Penal Code Draft Law was accepted in the Turkish Parliament Grand National Assembly. The new Turkish Penal Code, which states in the first article that the objective of the Code is to protect;

  • “individual rights and freedoms”,
  • “public order and security”,
  • “the rule of law”,
  • “peace in the community”,
  • “public health and the environment”
  • “to prevent the commission of offences”.

In order to achieve the above objectives criminal responsibility, specific criminal offences, penalties and security measures are regulated under the Code which entered into force as of 1’st June 2005.


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