Online piracy of sports and other live events in Turkey

In today’s digital age, the unauthorized distribution of sports broadcasts and live events, including concerts and theatre performances, through online piracy has become a rampant issue, causing significant financial losses for rights holders. To combat this pervasive problem, it is essential for broadcasters, event organizers, and content creators to understand and enforce their intellectual property rights effectively. Our law firm is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal services in Turkey to protect your valuable content and combat online piracy, ensuring your rights are safeguarded. We take measures to combat piracy, including shutting down illegal streaming platforms, increasing awareness, and strengthening digital rights management systems. Collaboration between sports organizations, broadcasters, and government bodies is essential in raising awareness and promoting legal alternatives. Technology such as encryption and watermarking is employed to protect content, while partnerships with digital platforms provide legal access to live events.

In Turkey, the unauthorized distribution of sports broadcasts and live events through online piracy has become a rampant issue law lawyer

Online piracy of sports and other live events in Turkey

Online piracy of sports and live events (including concerts and theatre performances) is a significant issue worldwide, and Turkey is not exempt from this problem. Piracy involves the unauthorized streaming, downloading, or distribution of copyrighted content, including sports matches, concerts, and other live events. It negatively impacts the sports industry, content creators, broadcasters, and legitimate rights holders.

Understanding Online Piracy and its Consequences

Online piracy involves the unauthorized reproduction, distribution, and communication of copyrighted material, including sports broadcasts and live events, without the consent of the rights holders. Such infringement not only undermines the economic viability of sports and live events but also affects the integrity of the creative industries.

In Turkey, the unauthorized streaming of sports and live events has been a concern for copyright holders and broadcasters. There have been cases of websites and platforms offering illegal streams or downloads of copyrighted content, often without obtaining the necessary rights or licenses. This undermines the revenue streams of legitimate broadcasters and content creators who have invested significant resources into securing exclusive rights to broadcast these events.

Combating online piracy

To combat online piracy, Turkish authorities and rights holders have taken several measures. They have increased their efforts to identify and shut down illegal streaming platforms and websites, taking legal action against those involved in copyright infringement. Additionally, copyright holders have worked on strengthening their digital rights management (DRM) systems and implementing technological measures to prevent unauthorized access and distribution of their content.

Moreover, content owners and broadcasters have been emphasizing the importance of raising awareness about the negative impacts of piracy and promoting legal alternatives for accessing live sports and events. This includes encouraging viewers to use licensed streaming platforms or subscribing to legitimate broadcasters that have obtained the necessary rights to broadcast these events.

It is crucial for individuals to respect intellectual property rights, including copyrights, and support legal means of accessing sports and live events. By doing so, viewers contribute to the sustainability of the sports industry and help ensure the availability of high-quality content in the long term.

Working together

In addition to the measures taken by authorities and rights holders, various organizations and industry stakeholders in Turkey have been working together to address the issue of online piracy of sports and live events.

Collaborative efforts between sports organizations, broadcasters, and government bodies have been aimed at raising awareness, educating the public, and promoting legal alternatives. They emphasize the value of intellectual property rights and highlight the negative consequences of piracy on the sports industry.

Rights holders have been investing in technologies to enhance the security and protection of their content. This includes employing encryption methods, watermarking techniques, and other anti-piracy technologies to prevent unauthorized copying, distribution, and streaming of their live events. These measures help make it more difficult for pirates to illegally access and distribute copyrighted content.

Furthermore, partnerships between content owners and digital platforms have been established to provide legal and convenient ways for viewers to access live sports and events. This involves collaborating with streaming services, broadcasters, and online platforms to offer legitimate subscription-based services that provide authorized and high-quality live streaming experiences. By making legal options more accessible and user-friendly, the goal is to incentivize viewers to choose legal alternatives over pirated content.

Ongoing battle

It is worth noting that tackling online piracy is an ongoing battle, and new piracy methods and platforms may continue to emerge. Therefore, it remains essential for rights holders, authorities, and viewers to remain vigilant and adaptable in their efforts to combat online piracy. By supporting legal channels and respecting intellectual property rights, viewers can contribute to the sustainability and growth of the sports and entertainment industry in Turkey.

In addition to the measures mentioned earlier, there are ongoing efforts to strengthen legislation and enforcement against online piracy in Turkey. The government, along with industry associations and rights holders, has been working on developing stricter laws and regulations to combat digital piracy effectively.

Intellectual property rights

These legal measures aim to provide stronger protection for intellectual property rights and create deterrents for those involved in online piracy. Penalties and sanctions for copyright infringement are being reinforced to discourage individuals and organizations from engaging in illegal activities related to streaming or distributing copyrighted sports and live events.

Law enforcement agencies are also actively involved in identifying and taking action against individuals and groups involved in online piracy. They collaborate with rights holders, cybersecurity experts, and other relevant stakeholders to investigate and shut down illegal streaming platforms, as well as prosecute those responsible for copyright infringement.

Moreover, international cooperation plays a crucial role in addressing online piracy, as pirated content often transcends borders. Turkey, like many other countries, is part of international agreements and treaties that aim to protect intellectual property rights, such as the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the Berne Convention.

International collaboration

Through international collaborations, Turkish authorities can exchange information, best practices, and expertise with other countries to strengthen their anti-piracy efforts. This cooperation helps create a unified front against online piracy and enhances the effectiveness of measures taken to combat this global issue.

Overall, combating online piracy of sports and live events requires a multi-faceted approach involving legislative measures, enforcement actions, technological advancements, and public awareness campaigns. By combining these efforts, Turkey aims to mitigate the negative impact of piracy on the sports industry and ensure a sustainable and thriving environment for legitimate content creators, broadcasters, and viewers alike.

European Commission Recommendations

On 4 May 2023, the European Commission issued a recommendation on combating online piracy of sports and live events.

Given the specific nature of live events, swift action is crucial in order to minimise the harm caused by online piracy. To this end, the Commission encourages:

  • the hosting service providers to cooperate with rightsholders in order to take urgent action during the transmission of live events, by (i) engaging with trusted flaggers and (ii) using technical solutions aimed at facilitating the processing of notices (such as application programming interfaces). This echoes Article 22 of DSA under which providers of online platforms shall give priority to notices submitted by trusted flaggers;
  • the holders of rights in live transmission of events to use the best available technical solutions to facilitate identification of the source of unauthorised retransmission;
  • the providers of intermediary services that are able to locate the source of the unauthorised retransmissions of live events to cooperate with the first two players, to make easier the identification of the source of unauthorised retransmissions and put in place measures against repeated misuse of their services.

The Commission encourages Member States to:

  • provide for dynamic injunctions against (i) operators of unauthorised retransmissions of live events and (ii) providers of intermediary services which target users in Member States and whose services are misused by a third party for online piracy (regardless of their lack of liability);
  • enable rights holders to apply for such injunction before the start of the live events;
  • encourage the use of a case-by-case methodology for updating the list of internet locations covered by the injunction, including through the cooperation between the rights holders and the addressees of the injunction, subject to control by judicial and administrative authorities;

while pointing out several safeguards to ensure that these injunctions are appropriate, necessary and balanced, to ensure respect for fundamental rights.

Legal Framework in Turkey

In Turkey, intellectual property rights, including copyright protection, are governed by several laws which provide a solid legal foundation for protecting intellectual property assets from unauthorized use, reproduction, and distribution. Our experienced legal team specializes in navigating the complexities of Turkish copyright law and will provide with tailored legal strategies to combat online piracy effectively. Comprehensive Legal Services include;

  • Copyright Registration and Protection: Our firm assists in securing copyright registrations for your sports broadcasts and live events, establishing your exclusive rights over the content. We work diligently to protect your intellectual property from unauthorized use and help you take prompt legal action against infringers.
  • Enforcement and Litigation: In the unfortunate event of online piracy, we provide comprehensive legal representation, both in civil and criminal cases, to enforce your rights. Our skilled litigators will take swift action to seek injunctions, remove infringing content, and pursue damages to mitigate the impact of piracy on your business.
  • Collaboration with Authorities and Internet Service Providers (ISPs): We establish strong relationships with law enforcement agencies and ISPs to ensure a proactive approach in combating online piracy. By working closely with relevant stakeholders, we strive to identify and take down infringing websites, thereby protecting your content from unauthorized distribution.
  • Compliance and Policy Development: Our legal team assists you in developing robust compliance strategies and policies to minimize the risk of piracy. We provide guidance on digital rights management, licensing agreements, and contractual arrangements to protect your interests and optimize revenue streams.

At Bicak, we recognize the importance of protecting intellectual property rights in the realm of sports and live events. Our specialized legal services equip you with the tools necessary to combat online piracy effectively and safeguard your valuable content. By partnering with us, you can focus on creating exceptional sports experiences and memorable live events while we handle the legal complexities, ensuring your rights are protected.

Don’t let online piracy undermine your hard work and creative endeavors. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how we can assist you in securing your intellectual property rights and combating online piracy in Turkey.


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