First Steps for Establishing Your Life in Turkey

You think it might be time to start a new chapter of your life, or maybe even a whole new book. You might be moving for a job, or you might be moving for a significant other. After all, a new start can be amazing, but it’s never a walk in the park. You will face challenges. Are you coming to Turkey for 6 months? A year? Three years? Might you, all being well, stay forever? Not sure how to start a new life in Turkey? Speak to a lawyer today who can walk you through the process. Simply click the link to connect with one. Our guidence is covering the essential steps that expats must follow to move to Turkey.

starting a new life in Turkey

First Steps for Establishing Your Life in Turkey

The first steps in a foreign country are always a source of questioning.

“What documents are needed? Can I work on Turkish territory? Do I need to have Turkish health insurance? Can I buy real estate? »

The questions are many, and we will try to answer them briefly. For more information, we invite you to regularly consult the legal articles that we put online and which explain more precisely each of the categories mentioned below.

In addition, the BIÇAK law firm has many lawyers, all competent in different sectors, so that ALL the procedures can be carried out by our firm.


Foreigners who wish to enter Turkish territory must have a national identity card or a passport. The Turkish visa is not required for a tourist stay of less than three months (90 days). Please note, if you wish to stay more than 90 days in Turkey, you must apply for an “ikamet” residence permit.

Indeed, according to the law governing the Turkish residence permit no 6458, tourists cannot stay more than 90 days in Turkey within a period of 180 days.

Residence permit

One should apply for a residence permit to extend the period of stay and reside legally in Turkey. While you can apply for a Turkish e-visa for reasons related to tourism or very short-term work, for any other reason and in order to stay legally on Turkish territory, you should apply for an “ikamet” within 30 days. following the date of arrival.

In addition to the “ikamet” which is the classic residence permit in Turkey, there are different types of residence permit:

  • Residence Permit for Tourist Purposes (Short Term Residence Permit)
  • Student residence permit.
  • Residence permit for work.
  • Long-term residence permit.
  • Humanitarian residence permit.
  • Family residence permit (family residence in Turkey).
  • Residence permit by owning a property in Turkey: “Visa for Property Title”.

The BIÇAK law firm can help you in your steps to obtain any necessary document and allow you to obtain a visa, ikamet, or any desired residence permit.

Turkish nationality

Turkey has been and continues to be a pole of attraction in Europe and Asia in terms of investment, tourism, health and science. The human character is undoubtedly the most positive and attractive aspect in the Turkish territory. Therefore, for the many people who wish to obtain Turkish citizenship, organizing and facilitating their movement to Turkey is of great importance.

Nationality can be acquired by various means: by filiation (birth, change of status, adoption), by place of birth, by marriage, by decision of the competent authority, i.e. say by naturalization, etc.

If the resident in Turkey has been living there for eight consecutive years on a regular basis, he has the right to apply for permanent residence in this country.

The acquisition of nationality can also be done by way of investment. Turkish nationality can be acquired by acquiring real estate with a value greater than or equal to 250,000 US dollars or other investment with a value greater than or equal to 500,000 US dollars.

For any additional information on obtaining French nationality by way of investment, you can consult our article published online by simply clicking the link.

The BIÇAK law firm can help you in your steps to obtain any document and allow you to obtain Turkish nationality.

Health insurance in Turkey

If you wish to obtain a Turkish residence permit, the Turkish Government will require you to obtain health insurance which will cover your health in Turkey.

The person wishing to benefit from care in Turkey can apply for Turkish social protection (universal health insurance by the SGK), or simply be covered by French social security but under certain conditions and limits:

– Firstly, with regard to the general Turkish social protection system (Universal Health Insurance, by the SGK)

The Turkish general social protection system protects salaried workers in the private and public sectors as well as self-employed workers against the risks of illness, accidents at work, occupational diseases, invalidity, but also intervenes in the event of unemployment or pregnancy.

The worker must be of Turkish nationality and reside in Turkey or be a permanent resident in Turkey.

The general scheme is the SGK (Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu Başkanlığı).

The BIÇAK law firm can help you to obtain any document necessary for your request and allow you to be insured under the general Turkish social protection system.

– Secondly, regarding treatments covered by French health insurance:

There is a social security agreement between France and Turkey, resulting from the General Convention of January 20, 1972. This concerns salaried workers, of French or Turkish nationality, exercising their activity in Turkey or France.

Residents in Turkey who are registered with the social security system can obtain medical care free of charge in approved hospitals in the event of an emergency, accidents at work, occupational diseases, infectious diseases, births, or addiction prevention.

Attention, social security does not take into account other cases, and in particular private hospitals. It should be checked whether social security recognizes the contracted hospital as well as the desired care.

Acquisition of real estate in Turkey

The BIÇAK law firm is competent in Real Estate Law, regularly helping people of foreign nationalities to look for accommodation, rent or buy one, establish an expertise, etc.

In case you want to buy real estate, the BIÇAK law firm helps you to obtain a bank account as well as all the authorizations and documents necessary to acquire this accommodation.

Some of the firm’s lawyers are specialized and qualified in real estate law and can therefore carry out the work of a real estate agent in order to allow you to find accommodation, while ensuring legal certainty and the constitution of your file by meeting expertise, opening a bank account, gathering your documents, etc.


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