Residence Permit in Turkey

Our clients get service and support from the time of their online residence permit application until they have residence permit card in their hands. Our residence permit services cover all over Turkey, no matter where you are in Turkey, we can provide the same support. Our imigration lawyers give you a live, free consultation to explain the residence permit process, answer your potantial questions, and determine your exact requirements. Residence permit allows visitors to stay in Turkey for up to a year or more and to come and go freely. A residence permit also entitles its holder to open a bank account or to enroll children in local schools.

Residence Permit Turkey Lawyer

Residence Permit in Turkey

A Residence Permit is a biometric identity card that enables you to remain in Turkey after your visa has expired. This is the residence permit most everyone applies for when they move to Turkey. The Residence Permit does not allow you to work. If you want to work in Turkey, you must get a work permit. Any foreigner who has entered Turkey legally may apply for a Residence Permit.

Our clients get service and support from the time of their online residence permit application until they have residence permit card in their hands. Our residence permit services cover all over Turkey, no matter where you are in Turkey, we can provide the same support.

Our initial consultation and pricing quote are both complimentary. We charge a single cost for all payments, including the Turkish government’s residency permit fees, so you may pay easily and securely with your credit card online. We reimburse the amount of payment paid on behalf of you for  your residence permit payments, obtainimg a tax number and health insurance policy for you, or connecting you with an insurance professional if you wish to purchase a private health insurance policy with higher coverage.

Residence Permit Consultation

Our imigration lawyers give you a live, free consultation to explain the residence permit process, answer your potantial questions, and determine your exact requirements.

We provide you with easy-to-read brochures containing must-know information about subjects like getting and keeping a legal address in Turkey, traveling during the application process, types of health insurance you can use, and much more, depending on what you want or need. Of course, if you want us to just take care of it without reading anything, we can do it that way, too!

We offer you with easy-to-read booklets including essential information on topics such as obtaining and maintaining a legal address in Turkey, traveling throughout the application process, the many forms of health insurance available to you, and much more, depending on your wants and needs. Of course, if you just want us to handle it without reading anything, we can do it that way as well!

Online Application

The first step is that our imigraiton lawyers complete your online application and get you an appointment with the immigration Office. Residence permit applications made through the e-Residence System must be made from within Turkey, and residence permit applications made from abroad are not accepted. Could you please clarify these matters before starting your online application;

  • Are You in Turkey Now?
  • Do You Want us to Apply for Your Residence Permit?
  • Do You Need the Required Health Insurance?
  • Do You Need a Tax Number?

The second step is that we pay your residence permit applkication fees on behalf of you. The costs of the residence permit are application taxes, mandatory health insurance premiums and notary fees. The amount of these costs depend on the nationality, age and the length of the residence period.

The third step is that we provide live support and help you get the correct documents you need for your residence permit application package. If you wish to apply for yourself, you only need to bring your passport to Turkey. However, if you wish to apply together with your family members, additional documents is required. If you wish to apply for Turkish residence permit as a family, it is important that you consult one of our immigration lawyer and duly procure the required documents which our attorney asks from you. At your appointment, you’ll need to have the following documents:

  • The Residence Permit Registration Form which we will send you when your online application is complete
  • Original Passport,
  • Copy of passport (including the photo and information pages and the page with the entry stamp for your most recent entry into Turkey)
  • Visa or other document used to enter Turkey
  • Four (4) biometric photos
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of financial ability to support yourself
  • Health insurance (not required for those less than 18 or over 65 years of age)

The fourth step is that one of our imigration lawyer will represent you before Turkish immigration offices. Please note that the Turkish immigration office does not allow “consulting firms” or “residence permit agencies” to represent foreign nationals during residence permit applications.  Turkish law only allows Turkish lawyers to legally represent foreigners before Turkish immigration offices. Before you apply for residence permit, it is highly recommended that you consult one of our immigration attorney, who advise you on how to apply, which documents are required and may also represent you before the Turkish immigration office.

The fifth step is checking your residence permit approval and tracking the delivery of your residence permit card.

The sixth step is that, in case you need, we get a Turkey Tax Identification Number for you and send it to you. You will need a tax number to set up utilities like electricity and water, until you get your residence permit card. You cannot get residential telephone or internet service until you have your residence permit card.

For the first-time applications, residence permit is usually granted for 1 or 2 years, subject to the discretion of the immigration office and the validity of your passport.

If you have the financial means to continue to stay in Turkey, do not break the Turkish law and satisfy the conditions of your first application, at the end of your residence period you may extend your residence permit for 1 or 2 years, subject to the discretion of the immigration office.

Bıçak Law Firm provide foreigners with legal services and representation during the residence permit application.

Types of residence permits

There are four main different types of residence permit in Turkey

Short term residence permit

The short-term residence permit can be issued for a duration of a few months to two years. It is the immigration specialist who handles your application who decides the duration of your residence permit. You can live in Turkey as a renter (a rental agreement are required to submit a notarized copy of the rental agreement in their residence permit applications, as of 15/02/2022) or as a property owner by extending your short-term residence permit. There’s no limit on the number of times you can extend your short-term residence permit. You can apply for a Short-term Residence permit anytime within 60 days before your current residence permit or visa expires, or before you reach the number of days your visa allows you to be in Turkey.

The short-term residence permit can be issued for several different reasons;

  • “Tourism,” which includes living in Turkey as a renter or sightseeing for longer than your visa allows,
  • Ownership of a residence in Turkey,
  • Medical treatment,
  • Establishing a business or business contacts,
  • Attending Turkish courses,
  • Living in Turkey after completing higher education in Turkey
  • Research,
  • Attending training, research, or apprenticeship courses
  • Attending on-the-job training programs
  • Student internships under exchange programs,
  • Being citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus,
  • Education under student exchange programs

Long-term residence permit

The long-term residence permit enables a foreigner to live in Turkey indefinitely. It never expires. The long-term residence permit gives you the same rights and privileges of a Turkish citizen, except for things such as voting and running for public office. You won’t have to serve in the Turkish military, and you won’t have to know Turkish. The long-term residence permit does not give you any right to work in Turkey.

After you’ve lived in Turkey for eight years, you can apply for a long-term residence permit, which never expires. You can apply for a long-term residence permit any time after you’ve been living in Turkey for at least eight years, as long as you meet the other eligibility requirements. You don’t have to wait until your current residence permit is about to expire.

Eligibility Critaries for a Long-Term Residence Permit are as follows;

  • Have enough income to live in Turkey permanently, from a source such as a pension, investment portfolio, or rental property, or otherwise convince the immigration specialist that you can live in Turkey permanently without working illegally
  • Have valid health insurance that meets the minimum requirements
  • Have not been considered to be a threat to public order or security
  • Have lived in Turkey continuously for eight years without interruption (time accrued on a student residence permit doesn’t count)

The following documents are needed to be submitted to the imigration offfice for obtaining residence permit;

  • İkamet İzni Kayıt Formu (Residence Permit Registration Form) which we will send to you by e-mail after we complete the online registration
  • Current residence permit card
  • Passport(s)
  • Current passport must have at least six months of validity remaining
  • If you have had a new passport during the past eight years, have both the old one and the new one available
  • Copy of your passport(s) (regular, non-notarized)
  • Include the identification and photo pages
  • Four (4) biometric photos
  • A “No Social Support Received” letter showing that you haven’t received government support for the past three years
  • Proof of income and ability to support yourself
  • Proof you’re registered at your address in the address registration system
  • Criminal record
  • Health insurance (not required if over 65 years of age)

Family residence permit

The family residence permit enables the spouse or child of a sponsor to live in Turkey permanently. The sponsor must be:

  • a Turkish citizen or
  • a foreigner with a residence or work permit who has lived in Turkey for at least one year.

If you’re a foreign sponsor and want to bring your family to Turkey immediately, you do not need to meet the one-year residence requirement. At first, you and your family members should apply for short-term residence permits, and your family members will use your home as their address. After you have lived in Turkey for one year, you will continue using the residence or work permit you have, and your family members will be eligible for family residence permits.

Student residence permit

A student residence permit enables you to enroll in an accredited school or university in Turkey and take courses there until you graduate. You can only get a student residence permit after you’ve received a letter of acceptance from a school or university that offers a curriculum leading to graduation and a certificate or diploma. You cannot get a student residence without first receiving a letter of acceptance.

You won’t need a student residence permit for courses you sign up for one-by-one, and which aren’t part of a formal curriculum leading to graduation and a diploma. For example, if you just want to take Turkish courses without formally enrolling in a bachelor’s degree program at a university, you can enter Turkey with an e-visa and get a one-year short-term residence permit. You would use “learning Turkish” as your reason for getting the short-term residence permit.

Largest Groups with Residence Permits in Turkey

According to a report from the Migration Directorate of Turkey, among the 1.1 million foreign nationals residing in Turkey with residence permits, 109,000 are Turkmens and 100,000 are Russian citizens. Iraqi nationals place third on the list at 90,000, while citizens of Iran and Syria each reached 79,000, the report added. The reports say that among the 10 largest groups of foreigners living in Turkey with residence permits are citizens of Azerbaijan (68,000), Uzbekistan (52,000), Kazakhstan (43,000), Afghanistan (41,000), and Ukraine (37,000).

The three most popular Turkish cities among foreigners are Istanbul (almost 555,000), Antalya (more than 116,000), and Ankara (more than 71,000), the report said.

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