Comparison of Bulgaria and Turkey Legal Regimes

Peterka & Partners, CEE Law Firm, and Bıçak Law, Turkey based, would like to invite you to a Joint Webinar. The topic of the webinar is “Corporate Essentials & Contracts & Documentary Requirements: Comparison of Bulgaria and Turkey Legal Regimes”.

Bıçak Law Peterka Partners

Corporate Essentials & Contracts & Documentary Requirements

We are glad to be able to invite you to our webinar organized jointly with Biçak Law which will focus on comparison between Turkish and Bulgarian legal regimes with focus on the following topics:

  • Corporate essentials, key aspects of the most commonly used corporate structures in Turkey/Bulgaria;
  • Contracts in Bulgaria/Turkey (formal and informal contracts, general terms and conditions, contracts with persons without representative powers; electronic conclusion; choice of law and jurisdiction);
  • Documentary requirements (general powers of attorney documents; notary certification of documents and use of official documents issued in Turkey/Bulgaria in the other country).

The webinar will take place on the 7th of April at 10:00 EET.

Please note that a free-of-charge registration prior to the event is requested and the number of participants is limited. For more details, please refer to the attached invitation. Feel free to share it with your colleagues and partners who you think might be interested.

For participation please click to register!


Peterka & Partners

Peterka & Partners have pioneered a unique one-stop-shop integrated approach for the provision of legal services in the CEE region which allows them to effectively represent clients within the CEE region and beyond. Currently, Peterka & Partners operates 9 offices across the CEE region, in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. All offices are 100% subsidiaries owned by the central partnership and do not operate as a network, franchise, or joint venture. Their fully-integrated firm is based on the “one-firm” management concept and has one chain of command.

Further, Peterka & Partners recently established a specialized desk focused on the business cooperation between CEE and Turkey. Its Turkish Desk offers comprehensive legal assistance both to Turkish businesses currently operating in the CEE region or new market entrants, as well as to CEE companies expanding to Turkey. This “two-way-street” process is supported by Peterka & Partners “one-stop-shop” approach which helps its clients have their legal services coordinated by the desk regardless of the jurisdiction.

Bıçak Law

Bıçak Law is the leading Turkish law firm based in Ankara and has a branch office in İstanbul. Bıçak Law team operates all over Turkey. They provide dispute resolution (mediation, arbitration, litigation, etc.) and legal consulting services to foreign investors and companies who wish to enter the Turkish market or are already operating in Turkey since 2002.


Hopefully, the planned virtual event will bring together the state, business and industry stakeholders as well as international industrial associations. Among invitees: representatives of business associations, investors, financial institutions, experts. The primary target group of the webinar is Turkish businesses currently operating in Bulgaria or those interested to enter Bulgarian market, as well as, vice versa, Bulgarian companies already on the Turkish market or ones interested to enter it.

Format of the webinar is online. To attend this event, participants don’t need to book a plane or hotel, they can attend from the comfort of their office or home.


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