Uganda Manufacturers Association Explores Business Opportunities in Konya, Turkey

The Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) conducted a two-day visit to Konya, Turkey, on October 16-17, 2023, to explore trade and investment opportunities. This visit included a business forum and the signing of a significant Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to foster strong trade relations. Delegates engaged in bilateral meetings, official visits to key governmental authorities, and exploration of the Konya Industrial Zone. Delegates also visited various factories, gaining firsthand insights into Konya’s industrial expertise. This visit aimed to strengthen trade ties, foster international collaborations, and explore investment opportunities, promising positive outcomes for both regions. Bicak Law Firm was an integral part of the delegation, serving as a facilitator of business relationships between the parties.

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Uganda Business Delegation to Konya

The Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) embarked on a two-day visit to Konya, Turkey, on the 16th and 17th of October 2023 to explore potential business collaborations and investment opportunities. The visit included a diverse program designed to strengthen business ties between Uganda and Konya, a region renowned for its industrial and manufacturing excellence.

Konya Chamber of Industry

The visit began with a warm reception at the Konya Chamber of Industry, where delegates from UMA had the privilege of meeting with the President of the Chamber. This initial meeting set the stage for fruitful discussions about potential areas of cooperation and investment in both regions.

One of the highlights of the visit was the “Uganda – Konya Business Forum,” which featured presentations on investment and business opportunities in both Uganda and Konya. The exchange of ideas and information at this forum provided valuable insights into the potential for mutual growth.

Memorandum of Understanding

A significant milestone of the visit was the signing ceremony of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which marked the commitment of both parties to explore collaboration further. The signing of the MoU was a momentous step toward fostering strong trade relations.

B2B meetings

Throughout the visit, delegates had the opportunity to engage in bilateral meetings, networking, and exploration of potential business partnerships. These B2B meetings facilitated discussions between members of the Uganda Manufacturers Association and the Konya Chamber of Industry.

Official visits

In addition to business-related engagements, the visit included official visits to key governmental authorities, including the Governor of Konya and the President of the Municipality of Konya. These visits provided a platform for the delegation to explore official partnerships and opportunities for collaboration.

Industrial Zone

Delegates also had the privilege of visiting the Konya Industrial Zone, where they gained insights into Konya’s industrial capabilities and infrastructure.

Organized Industrial Zones (OIZ) are designed to allow companies to operate within an investor-friendly environment with ready-to-use infrastructure and social facilities. The existing infrastructure provided in OIZs includes roads, water, natural gas, electricity, communications, waste treatment and other services. 

There are 353 OIZs in 81 provinces, 258 of which are currently operational, while the remaining 95 OIZs are being constructed throughout Türkiye. In addition, more than 67,000 companies produce in over 32,000 parcels while more than 2 million people are employed through the OIZs.

Visits to various factories and facilities

The visit extended to the second day, with delegates splitting into two groups based on their interests. These groups explored a range of sectors, including energy, agriculture, plastics, recycling, food machinery, milk processing, steel, furniture, timber, packaging, textiles, and confectionery. These visits to various factories and facilities allowed delegates to witness firsthand the industrial expertise of Konya.

Potential investment opportunities

The Uganda Manufacturers Association‘s visit to Konya was a significant step toward strengthening trade ties, fostering international collaborations, and exploring potential investment opportunities in various sectors. The exchanges and interactions during the visit are expected to yield positive outcomes for both regions.

As an international law firm based in Turkey, we are pleased to invite Turkish companies to participate doing business with Ugandian companies. Bicak law Firm enables Turkish companies to meet local key partners and potential customers, display their products and services, and gain first-hand knowledge about the Ugandan market, including agribusiness industry.

Why Uganda?

Uganda is one of Africa’s most stable and open countries with ambitious growth targets and an agri-business sector full of opportunities.

Officially known as the Republic of Uganda, the country is a landlocked country bordering Kenya, South Sudan, Rwanda, the DRC Congo and Tanzania; with an area covering 240,000 plus square kilometres. Expensive privatization by the government has opened up opportunities for foreign investments in telecommunications and infrastructure. Known as the “Pearl of Africa”. Uganda also has a number of eco-tourist attractions including Lake Victoria and several wildlife reserves. The country has had a turbulent sociopolitical history and continues to untangle certain issues but is currently stepping out of the shadow of the past towards being a key business player in the region.

Key aspects of Ugandan agribusiness

The agricultural sector in Uganda accounts for a significant part of the country’s GDP and export earnings. With the agricultural sector employing approximately 70% of population, the sector plays a crucial part for the country’s economy. 

Uganda is very close to its target of lower-middle-income status – partly through serious reform of the agricultural sector from subsistence farming to commercial farming. The sector is now more competitive and profitable. 

Urbanisation is high, the middle class is growing and demand for agricultural production increasing.

All of the above offer great opportunities for Turkish companies. The demand for high quality production and processing equipment, cold-chain facilities, packaging and storing facilities is high, and the need for quality control remains a challenge for Ugandan agricultural exports.

There are great opportunities for companies working within the agribusiness industry, e.g.:

  • Food technology and food solutions
  • Food processing technology
  • Agricultural materials
  • Agro-services, machinery, equipment
  • Biomass energy & solar
  • Small-scale irrigation
  • Quality control and food safety

Drafting Essential Business Documents

Our legal services, including the drafting of essential documents such as MoUs and business contracts, offer a gateway to a multitude of potential benefits. By engaging with our expertise, you’ll gain valuable insights into the Ugandan market, among others, for agriculture and agro-industry technology. This knowledge can serve as the foundation for exploring a wide array of opportunities in Uganda, as well as leveraging various Turkish business instruments.

Furthermore, our services will connect you with the right stakeholders, including decision-makers, relevant associations, importers, factories, and manufacturers. We offer tailor-made site visits and partner introductions to ensure that your business endeavors are well-informed and strategically aligned.

Additionally, our legal support provides a platform for promoting your company in both Uganda and Turkey, expanding your network, and fostering international collaboration. It’s an opportunity to learn about best practices in the region, facilitating a more informed and successful entry into these markets.


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