Africa Legal Desk

Africa offers a wide array of business prospects that are not only beneficial but imperative to capitalize on for fostering growth. However, engaging in business in Africa entails risks, necessitating proactive measures, specialized knowledge, and prior experience to navigate the African market effectively. Our dedicated Africa team possesses extensive expertise garnered from diverse assignments across various industries and countries within the African continent. Our strong affiliations with African Embassies in Turkey enhance our ability to guide clients in their business endeavors across African countries.

Africa, a continent of immense diversity, comprising 54 independent countries with distinct borders, holds a rich tapestry of business opportunities. However, engaging in business across this vast and varied landscape can present complexities and challenges. For entrepreneurs and businesses eyeing expansion into Africa, it is crucial to navigate these intricacies with expertise and sound legal guidance.

Dynamics of doing business

Bicak Legal recognizes the unique dynamics of doing business in Africa and, with an extensive footprint and substantial experience across the continent, aims to simplify this intricate process. Our expertise allows us to streamline operations and provide valuable insights, steering you away from common pitfalls.

Tailor-Made Support for a Complex Continent

At Bicak Legal, we pride ourselves on delivering tailored support to clients engaging in business across English and French-speaking Africa. With an established network of correspondents scattered throughout the continent, we collaborate seamlessly with our partner firm of solicitors based in Africa, ensuring comprehensive and localized assistance.

Our primary focus is on assisting Turkish companies and institutions, both within and outside Turkey’s borders, with interests in investing across African countries. Additionally, we support Africa-based companies seeking international expansion and access to capital in both international and Turkish finance markets. Our extensive network of partners in Africa enables us to offer high-quality advice, informed by a deep understanding of local trading environments and relevant legal frameworks.

Comprehensive Legal Support

Bicak Legal possesses a profound understanding of local laws and practices, empowering us to guide you through your investment projects and dispute resolutions effectively. Our expertise spans various sectors, including energy and natural resources, banking and finance, agri-food, commodities trading, joint-ventures, and mediation and arbitration across all realms, including tax matters, in collaboration with our partner tax specialists.

Moreover, we offer a unique mediation service facilitated by experienced multicultural mediators. This service proves invaluable in navigating intricate contracts and resolving cross-cultural challenges that could otherwise impede contract finalization, ultimately expediting your projects.

Access to Finance and Advocacy for Development

Understanding the financial needs of businesses in diverse sectors, we extend support in securing financing for projects through partnerships with Private Equity firms, international financial institutions, and international public institutions. These collaborations provide subsidies or competitive loans, supporting foreign investments and aiding in sustainable growth.

As part of our commitment to the development of the African continent, we actively engage in training African lawyers, sharing our expertise and conducting feasibility studies. This commitment underscores our dedication to nurturing legal talent and promoting the growth of legal frameworks conducive to a thriving business environment.

Bicak Legal stands as a dedicated ally for businesses venturing into the African landscape. Our commitment to delivering top-tier legal assistance, fostering development, and providing unparalleled support underscores our mission to enable success and growth across the diverse and promising business terrain of Africa.