Welcoming the South Sudan Embassy in Ankara as Our New Client!

Bicak proudly announces a significant collaboration with the South Sudan Embassy in Ankara, highlighting our commitment to excellence in diplomatic legal services. This partnership showcases our expertise in international legal matters, particularly within the diplomatic sphere. The South Sudan Embassy’s trust in our capabilities expands our global reach and strengthens our network of collaborative relationships. Expressing gratitude for this honor, Attorney Vahdet Talha Bicak, the director of international law department, emphasizes the firm’s dedication to providing expert guidance in diplomatic and international legal affairs. As we embark on this exciting venture, Bicak invites individuals and entities alike to explore our comprehensive legal services, ensuring personalized assistance for diverse legal needs.

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Welcoming the South Sudan Embassy in Ankara

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey – the addition of the South Sudan Embassy in Ankara to our esteemed list of clients. This partnership marks an exciting chapter for Bicak Law Firm and underscores our commitment to providing exceptional legal services.

About the South Sudan Embassy in Ankara

The South Sudan Embassy plays a pivotal role in fostering diplomatic relations and promoting the interests of South Sudan within the heart of Ankara. As our new client, their trust in our legal expertise reflects our dedication to delivering high-quality services tailored to the unique needs of diplomatic entities.

Türkiye and South Sudan enjoy fraternal relations based on close historical and cultural ties. Türkiye is one of the first countries which recognized the independence of the Republic of South Sudan. Right after the independence, Türkiye’s Consulate General in Juba was upgraded to Embassy status. Turkish Embassy was one of the first diplomatic missions in the country. South Sudan opened its Embassy in Ankara in 2012.

Ever since, bilateral relations have been developing between Türkiye and South Sudan. Economic and commercial relations between Türkiye and South Sudan has considerable potential. The trade volume between Türkiye and South Sudan was 6,2 million USD in 2020.

What this Means for Bicak

Diplomatic Expertise: Working with the South Sudan Embassy provides us with the opportunity to showcase our proficiency in diplomatic and international legal matters.

Collaborative Partnerships: This collaboration enhances our network of international relationships and reinforces our commitment to building strong partnerships in the diplomatic sphere.

Global Reach: Our association with the South Sudan Embassy aligns with our vision of extending our legal services on a global scale, contributing to the growth and success of our clients.

Message from the Head of Internationa Law Department

“We are honored to welcome the South Sudan Embassy to the Bicak family. This partnership not only signifies a shared commitment to excellence but also reinforces our capabilities in handling complex diplomatic legal matters. We look forward to a mutually beneficial and enduring collaboration.”

How We Can Serve You?

Whether you are a diplomatic mission, a business entity, or an individual seeking legal assistance, Bicak is here to provide expert guidance and support. Feel free to explore our range of legal services, and don’t hesitate to reach out for personalized assistance tailored to your unique legal needs.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Here’s to the exciting ventures ahead!


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