Tourism & Culture & Sports

A clear understanding of the main issues of the tourism, culture and sports industries and of the applicable legal framework, such as licensing, project management, franchising, public incentives, recreational activities and others, has allowed our legal team to offer their services to a wide variety of clients. Hotel chains, overseas investors, international real estate funds, developers and promoters are among the Firm´s most important clients.

Being in the middle of Asia, Europe, Africa and Middle Eastern countries, having 4 seasons at the same time, due to the presence of suitable accommodation for all budgets, Turkey is a favorite country for tourism & culture & sports for many years. Four Seasons sun unique coast of the southern Black Sea lush mountains and plateaus, centuries dozens of civilizations make historic structures located on each side of Anatolia due to provide  Turkey’s exclusive location for both nature and cultural tourism.


Activities that being in touch with the people of visited place culturally, economically and socially and  are made for the aims like travelling, resting, seeing or exploring. We call the totality of sector composed by legal, economical and technical precautions taken for enforcement of touristic activities as tourism. Tourism gives important contribution to the economies of countries with the existence of sources, an enough substructure and marketing strategy in this subject. From this aspect, tourism activities should be implemented in an organization that is sturdy and steady.

The presence of rules which is needed to provide harmony and high in inspection standards will provide stability and it will make an economic device like tourism, which is both the abundance of sources and does not provide high expenses, to be used productively.

Medical Tourism that rapidly becomes popular worldwide and within Turkey, has a potential both as an alternative tourism and for the healthcare sector. In brief, medical tourism concerns the individuals who travel to another country from their own, to recover their health. Medical Tourism is growing and becoming popular, especially in Turkey, for last few years.

Different actors

The widest experience in the tourism sector, with the ability to provide complete and comprehensive advice to travel agencies, hotels, airlines, tourism service providers, investors and, in general, the different actors in this market.

We offer a full legal service dedicated to the aviation industry, so we can undertake all matters relating to the wider travel market. We provide clear and straightforward legal advice to;

  • Tour operators and agents
  • Dynamic package operators
  • Airlines
  • Insurers and reinsurers.

We have advised the travel and transport industry for many years on a range of legal issues, including aircraft accidents, cruise claims and coach accidents. Many cases involve skiing accidents, drownings, balcony falls, mountaineering accidents and sickness outbreaks.

Travel-related matters

We advise on a variety of travel-related issues, with expertise covering:

  • Employers’ liability, public liability and motor liability. This includes defending claims for catastrophic injury, coverage advice, jurisdictional issues and handling recoveries in Turkey and obroad jurisdictions.
  • Health and safety issues.
  • Regulatory services and inquests.
  • Commercial services, such as business start-up, licensing approvals, consumer protection, drafting and negotiating of booking conditions, and charter and sub-charter agreements and commercial contracts.
  • 24/7 incident and crisis management.
  • Our combined service gives tour operators and travel agents access to preventative advice – health & safety, terms and conditions, and supplier contract drafting.
  • Managing travel insurance claims across jurisdictions

We advise clients on a wide variety of art, museum, and cultural heritage matters, including issues of ownership, theft, authenticity, breach of contract, insurance, and related disputes. We have has represented governments, museums, foundations, and families in recovering stolen art and cultural property.


Bicak advises traditional sports as well as esports teams, owners, and governing bodies, as well as financial institutions, investors, corporate sponsors, stadium developers, TV broadcasters, and digital distribution and over-the-top (OTT) platforms on their most important negotiations, transactions, and disputes – from team purchases and broadcast licensing to stadium matters and sponsorships. Specifically, Bicak guides clients on:

  • Negotiating broadcast and new media rights agreements, corporate sponsorships and naming rights, and complex digital media and technology agreements
  • Complex M&A and joint venture transactions
  • Global financing across jurisdictions, including bank and capital markets
  • Major league sports matters involving international football (soccer), the Olympic Family, National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Baseball (MLB), National Hockey League (NHL), Major League Soccer (MLS), as well as other global and national leagues
  • Professional video game competition matters (eSports), including team acquisitions and sponsorships
  • Sports betting regulations, online gaming transactions, and traditional sports and gaming properties
  • Structuring sports-based television channels, new media platforms, and cross-border international operations
  • Sophisticated litigation strategies to address all dimensions of mitigating risk, addressing antitrust and other regulatory challenges, and successfully resolving high-stakes commercial disputes


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