Turkis Residency Permit With Forming a Company


Residence permit in Turkey is an official permit to stay in the country, that will enter the EU in the near future. Also Turkey has close connection to USA. As Turkish citizen one can easily apply for E2 Investor Visa to USA. The residence card is issued for a period of up to 1 year the right for the easy and quick extension of the document. The legislation allows foreigners to obtain residency on the grounds of forming a business and official employment in own company as a CEO. Capital is only 600 EUR, in addition, there are no requirements for the activities of the established company. The total cost including our fees is 1500 EUR.

Advantages of forming company and getting Residency permit in Turkey

• No requirements for running an active business created in Turkey.
• The spouse and children of the main applicant also get a resident permit.
• By extending the residence permit in Turkey during 6 years, a resident will be able to obtain a Permanent Residence Card.
• Free medical care, which is not available to non-residents.
• Life in a safe and developing country with stable political situation and the opportunity to rest at the best Mediterranean resorts all year
• Free education in Turkish high school and elementary schools for your children and obtaining an internationally accredited diploma.
• Easy maintenance of residency status and low cost of doing business.


1) Valid Passport
2) Health Insurance
3) Bank account statement proving the availability of funds
4) Rental Contract of applicant as applicant’s home
5) Biometric photos
6) Company establishment documents