Professor Dr. Vahit BIÇAK, Mediator & Arbitrator & Attorney

Skilled legal consultant, mediator, arbitrator and attorney with experience and expertise on complex domestic and cross-border legal matters. Fluent in Turkish and English.

Dr. Bıçak is praised in Legal Directories for his “good judgement” and “extraordinary energy” for being “exceptionally bright” and “indefatigable”. He is “clever, painstaking, and has a good rapport with clients”, He is “brilliant and leaves no stone unturned”.



Associate Professor

Yardımcı Doçent

Ankara University Faculty of Law – LLB


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Next Level Loft Ofis, Kat 9-10, Daire 29, Kızılırmak Mahallesi Ufuk Üniversitesi Caddesi Söğütözü / Çankaya / ANKARA

Prof. Dr. Vahit BIÇAK
Founder of both the Bıçak Law Firm and the Just & Fair Mediation & Arbitration Centre.

Prof. Dr. of law, Academician, Practitioner, Legal Consultant, Mediator, Arbitrator, Attorney, Lecturer, Educator, Trainer, Writer, specialized in many aspects of law with proven record of strong leadership.

Professor Dr. Bicak is widely recognized by his clients and peers as a leading “go-to” practitioner for challenging legislative and regulatory problems. Over the last three-plus decades, he has been involved in major legislative and regulatory initiatives involving white collor crime, fraud, bribery money loundering, insider dealing, misleading the market, tax evasion, water menagement and domestic violance.

Trusted advisors for the most complex domestic and cross-border business transactions and corporate governance. Acted as advisor to drafting contracts, civil and criminal liability of owners for acts of the company and of the company for acts of its owners.

Accredited and skilled mediator with over a decade experience of handling both civil, commercial, employment, consumer, health, energy and mine disputes. He has been involved in mediation since its infancy in Turkey in the 2010’s.

Sits as arbitrator (sole arbitrator, co-arbitrator, president) in domestic and international arbitrations pursuant to institutional (ICC, SCIA, ISTAC) and ad hoc rules (UNCITRAL), pursuant to various applicable laws, and concerning various sectors and subjects, e.g., health, mining, construction, technology and corporate disputes (post-M&A, joint-ventures).

Criminal litigation attorney specialising in commercial criminal and regulatory consultancy and defence work, most particularly defending individuals and companies subject to investigations by prosecuting authorities. Specialities: corporate crime prevention, corporate criminal liability, white collor crimes, fraud investigation and prevention, anti-bribery, money laundering, counter-terrorism financing, compliance, anti-corruption, white collar irregularities, and other financial offences.

Professor Dr. Vahit Biçak, an internationally known lawyer, was a visiting scholar at many prestigious universities around the world such as the City University of New York and the Fordham Law School in the U.S.A., the Moribor University in Slovenia, the Police College of Hungary in Budapest, the Police College of Check Republic, in Prague and the University of Lyon III Faculty of Law in France.

Professor Dr. Bicak, who has also worked in a number of Turkish universities including Bilkent University, Hacettepe University, Gazi University, Başkent University, Atılım University and HBV University, has been a lecturer in evidence law, commercial criminal law and criminal procedure law at the Police Academy, Faculty of Security Sciences, since 1990.

Professor Dr. Bıçak has worked as a member of Human Rights Consultative Committee within the scope of Prime Ministry of Turkey in between 2002-2004. He had been assigned as the President of Prime Ministry Human Rights Committe between 2003-2005. He served as one of the six members of Reform Monitoring Group (foreign minister and deputy premier, minister of justice, interior minister, secretariat general for the EU affairs, human rights chairman of the prime ministry, head of IHDK) around the same time.

He worked in European Court of Human Rights (Strasbourg/France) as “trainee legal expert” in 1999. He took part in European Council Police Ethics Committee of Experts in order to prepare a draft of European Council Police Ethics Agreement.

He is a lawyer trained in both common and civil law. Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Ankara University in Turkey in 1989. Received his PhD from the University of Nottingham in Great Britain in 1996. He received the academic titles of “assistant professor” in 1999, “associate professor” in 2002 and “professor” in 2008.

He has 12 books published in Turkish and English in the field of law and a great number of articles. He has also designed and managed 11 international projects.

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